Monthly Drop In Classes

Sadly due to illness I am unable to teach from October 2018 until further notice :(

Dates in 2018 for drop in teaching will be held either in my studio or Ipplepen Village Hall depending on numbers.

(Thurs 10-1pm £20)

Yipeee workshops are due to start again in September and here are the dates and subjects:

Thurs 6th September - Trees and Rocks

Thurs 4th October - My teacher Xiao Bai Li - Landscapes

Thurs 1st November - More landscapes including a wash technique

Thurs 6th December - Christmas cards, robins, poinsettia and holly :)

Birdwood House - Exhibition May 2017

Come along and see my latest collection with some of my students work.

Sunday 28th May - Saturday 3rd June - Open daily 10am - 5pm



Ron - October Workshop 2017

Dear Lisa,

I found the class last Saturday very thought provoking.  For someone who has struggled for excellence in western styles of art all my life, it was a complete revelation to find something which gave such pleasing results but in which the technique is everything.

I keep reciting to myself "let the brush do the work".  And I was blown over by how just getting a good arm and wrist action applied with speed and panache can make all the difference to the results.

I do hope to see you and attend something with you when I can.

Many thanks again.


A poem written for me by one of my students - Oct 2017

There is the moment...

Ink touches paper


in the brush tip.

Too much water? or...

Too much ink?

Do I need colour?

Will my stroke lift or sink?

Then it happens...

Moment of truth


in action.

Is it relief I feel

Or spiritual bliss?

Has my brush stroke landed

In a gentle kiss?

Jan - Kingswear May 2017
Congratulation in being selected as a NADFAS speaker. This puts you in the same category as some of the most eminent experts in the country.  Not a bad achievement for the young girl who was told by her insensitive teacher that she couldn't do art!  I am very proud of you Lisa......and I love your gentle empowering teaching style. Very few people could take a class whose ages range from 8 to 80 and give them all an experience where they can achieve their own potential.
See you at the preview......and thank you for all you have done for me!
Love and very best wishes for your sparkling future ' on the circuit'

Carol - Tunbridge Wells August 2016

I wanted to say that after seeing your exhibition at Trinity in Tunbridge wells I was inspired. I searched and finally found a teacher, Pauline Moles Worth who happens to have a class not far from me on first Friday of each month and Friday is my day off. I am no artist, but I can make something that I am happy with and the doing of it brings me hours of peace and shuts down the constant, stressed chatter in my head. You may find it dramatic, but it has changed my life. I have never painted or drawn and have been told that I can't or am useless when younger. This year I made all my own Christmas cards and got some lovely comments. I just wanted to let you know that your lovely paintings sparked a great desire to have a go and I am so happy that I did. Thank you. Best wishes, Carol.

Cathy - WI Ashprington Oct 2016

Once again you have given us a most enjoyable experience, it's not just the beautiful art that is produced, but your beautiful personality, always so calm, encouraging, complimentary and kind with a generous and and graceful heart - thank you.

Caroline - Ongoing student of Chinese brush painting for 3 years - Sept 2016

I really enjoyed the last lesson with the trees, boats and landscape with a wash.  Thank you so much for your encouragement, if I got a gold star for my practice, you get my gold star for being such a wonderful teacher.

Tommy - Student/Dancer - August 2015

It has been such a joy to learn Chinsese Brush Painting, it's something I have been dreaming of doing for a long time and you are a fantastic teacher, I find the lessons so relaxing.

Denbury WI - March 2013

I was contacted by the Denbury WI in 2012 to be a guest speaker in March 2013, this was something I hadnt done before and was looking forward to it.  Below is a write up that was posted in the Herald Express28/03/13:

Speaker, Lisa Class, took members through the history and intricacies of beautiful Chinese brush and ink art, a tradition which dates back to 4000BC.

As so often with oriental art, there is much attention paid to preparation, form and process, from the meditative grinding of the ink on to the palette, to the careful lettering of the title inscription.

She showed us her equipment, beautiful brushes of different sizes and textures, weasel to horse hair, palette, inks and rice paper and her own personalised signature stamp.

She explained how the Chinese artists are inclined to focus on one subject: plum blossom, spring; orchid, summer; bamboo, autumn; and chrysanthemum, winter, each season displaying it's own strengths and characteristics.

We then watched, enthralled, as she demonstrated the painting technique with bamboo shapes, and multicoloured flower petals, all from one brush stroke.

She showed several examples of her work, where she fuses the Chinese technique with her own imaginative style.

Members are hoping she may run a workshop for them.

Since this event I have been invited to the newly established Churston WI and Manaton, what lovely ladies they are!

Jade Parsley - Parsley Media - April 2010

"We have three of Lisa's paintings at our office. I love seeing them every morning when I open up, they are so pretty with a beautiful delicate quality that really makes them stand out."
Louisa - Composer/Piano teacher - January 2013
I am thrilled to own seven works by Lisa Class. Her painting successfully captures the essence of her subject with a delightful airiness and a skilled economy of means. I share her celebration of the spirituality of the natural world and each of her works raise my spirits whenever I gaze upon them.
Lynne Jesky- June 2012
The intensity of the colour of the flowers combined with their vibrancy, delicacy, simplicity and purity create a soft, peaceful effect. They bring a new, fresh dimension to the Oriental feel of the the furniture and accessories in the room, which now looks calm and welcoming.
Martin Smith - Chef - March 2014

"I have visited Lisa's studio for the past year for lessons in Chinese Brush Painting.  The first time I meet Lisa she made me feel very welcome and relaxed.  I had been trying to self-teach from a book and getting very frustrated with my work.  Lisa soon correct me where I was going wrong and letting me work with her at my own pace.  We covered so much in the first lesson and I was very excited to practise everything she had shown me.  I always find her energy and enthusiam inspires me to work harder.  No matter how bad I think of my own work, Lisa always finds something positive to say.  I would be lost without her encouragement."

Plymouth City Museum – Chinese Brush Painting
Dear Organisers of the Chinese Brush Painting Workshop
I would just like to thank you for a wonderful opportunity to learn the basics of Chinese Brush Painting with Lisa Class.  She is an excellent teacher and shared her love of the subject as well as telling us about the meditative effect of the art.  

I think we all, including the children, left bearing a piece of artwork we had no idea we could create before we arrived, and good enough to put on the wall too.   But even better than that, no need to buy any more greetings cards!
I do hope Lisa will deliver some more inspiring workshops at the Museum.