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Lisa Class

Chinese Brush Artist

Chinese Brush paintings, by Devon artist, Lisa Class

Lisa on Lisa....
10years ago I was diagnosed with a serious illness. For 20 years until that point I had worked in corporate-land, which for me was a creative desert. Somewhere in the middle of my recovery I nudged my artistic body into life and discovered a passion for Chinese brush painting.

For the first time in my life I found the creative outlet I had been seeking and I loved the therapeutic and healing process of painting. By the time my little boy was due to start full time school I was ready to get serious. I became a pupil of one of the country's leading Chinese brush painters, Xiao Bai Li who continues to be my inspiration along with the natural world. I have now had many exhibitions and private commissions and last year I was invited to exhibit and teach at Art in Action in Oxford.

I love...being a mum to my son Blaise, being with my partner of 25 years, living in Devon, and being a painter. I consider myself a very lucky lady.

One of Lisa's friends on Lisa...
"A more brave and artistically talented woman it would be hard to find, although of course she denies it. None of us were at all surprised to see the fabulous work she produces, it's just the natural end product of what comes from within her - goodness, creativity, tinged with a definite sparkle, utter purity...




Lisa Class

“The passion I feel about this style of painting comes from a very spiritual place within me and it's something I feel very fortunate to have found”.

Lisa Class


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